Terms Of Service

1. Terms of Use

When registering at CaixaTeam.com, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms of service and instructions in your caixateam account. If you do not agree to any of these terms, you must not use caixateam.com whenever you want.


You can create only one (1) account. if you create any other account to cheating caixateam.com, each account will be closed for all life.


Credits that you are purchasing are instantly added to your account. You agree that it is not refunded and no refund will be provided in any case.


United State Dollar (USD) is the only one currency allowed in caixateam.com


You can refer all the people that you want.

You can not modify your sponsor at any time.


Minimum Payment is from 0.1 USD.

When Payments is minus than 20 USD, it will be made instantly to your account processor.

If Payments is equal or more than 20 USD, it will take upon 48 Hours to be done.

You can only request 5 payments per day.

Minimum Payment for Mobile Traffic is 50 USD.

Mobile Traffic Payment will be done in Net15 directily to your principal balance in caixateam.


The next type of sites are NOT ALLOWED in CaixaTeam.com

Adult Sites.

Terrorist Site or inciting it.

Pedophile sites.


You must make 10 surfing ads daily to qualify to earn by caixaboom and referrals.


To qualify by earning in CaixaBoom you must be an upgraded member.


Membership has a cost from 2.99 USD

Membership is necessary to use some features in CaixaTeam.com

Membership has a duration of 30 continuous days and cannot be stopped


For Raffles you understand that there is not refund allowed.

CaixaTeam.com will choose automatically winner(s) for raffle and pay prize directly to principal balance.

For Raffles 2 The winning number is selected from the Florida Lottery (Cash 3).

Raffle 2 date is: One day after the last ticket purchase.

We work with Evening results of Florida Lottery (Cash 3).

Only in case of Raffle 2. If there is no winner, you will receive refund of 90% of your ticket purchase.

In case of Raffle 2 if you win a prize, we send it to your shipping address provided by you in CaixaTeam.com

We are not responsible for problems sending prize or wrong direction.

We send prizes directly from Amazon.com or any other store site and we are not responsible for the condition in which the article arrives.


Using of FB POSTER is for free for all type of members in Caixateam.com.


Any attempt to cheat any feature of caixateam.com will be full reason for block your account for life.

Any of these conditions could be changed at any moment, and you may not be notified of it.

14. Multi Accounts

First of all. Please do not create multi accounts

We only allow one (1) account per user. If we detect more than one account in your PC or at your name. It will be blocked immediately

In order to block all multi accounts, if you reach 4 referrals or more. We will need to verify your account, requesting some information

While verification process, you will not be able to keep on using faucet option in caixateam

If we detect any irregularities in your account at the time of verification, it will be permanently blocked

15. VPN usage

We do NOT allow use of VPN in caixateam, if we detect any attempt of use, caixateam will block your account for life

16. Sign up from Cellphone

We do NOT allow sign up from cellphone or tablet.